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Kung Fu Panda Party Theme

Let's have a Kung Fu Panda party!!!  Below are several ideas to help you get started. 


Kung Fu Panda Whoopie Pies
Instead of a traditional birthday cake, serve decorated Whoopie pies. Decorate them to look like panda faces.


For older children, homemade fruit kabobs make a healthy birthday party snack. Use regular wooden skewers and add fresh fruit. Go tropical and add some fresh pineapple, or even canned chunks of pineapple. Kids love pineapple, it seems like such an exotic treat.  Other fun and unexpected fruits you can add to this birthday party snack include Maraschino cherries, grapes, and any type of melon. Use a variety of colored melons like honey dew melon or cantaloupe. Watermelon is usually not firm enough to stay on the kabob.


Good Fortune Cupcakes - Super Easy!
Frost cupcakes with red or jade green frosting. Top each cupcake with an unwrapped fortune cookie.

Dragon Cupcake 
Children will love these magical dragons for their birthday party!  You can make red or greed dragons by using food color and gum drops.

You'll Need:
cupcakes, red cupcake liners, red gumdrops (large and small),
yellow fruit-by-the foot or fruit rollups, white chocolate chips,
black decorator frosting, red frosting

Begin with a batch of cupcakes frosted a bright red. 
A food color paste produces a more vibrant color tone.
For each cupcake, slice a large and small red gumdrop in half. Press the tip of a white chocolate chip into the cut surface of the large halves, near the center of the bottom edge to make the eyes. Press the "dragon eyes" into the frosting around the center of the cupcake. Then press the small gumdrop halves into the front of the cupcake (nose). Cut thin strips of fruit roll-up and place on the sides of the gum-drop "nose". Cupcakes displayed using a cupcake stand will make a fabulous table centerpiece.

Panda Cake

Go to to see a great idea for a panda cake!




A Special Welcome
Excited guests will know they've arrived at a fun-filled birthday party when you greet them using one or two of these suggestions.

Use the Internet to find and print guest names in Chinese. Then glue them onto pieces of construction paper (about 3x5). Or use the animals from the movie. Every character has their own fighting style; monkey, mantis, tiger etc...  Make two holes in the card with a hole punch and attach a length of yarn to create a necklace and place it around the guests neck as they arrive.


Colorful Chinese Lanterns
Make some before the party to include in your decorations. Yours will inspire your guests to be creative while making their own during the party.
You’ll need several different colors of 8.5" x 11" paper, glue, scissors and markers or theme-related stickers. 


To Make:  Invite your guests to decorate one side of a sheet of construction paper. When finished, fold each sheet in half lengthwise. Cut 3-inch slits into the fold, parallel to the short edges. Start about an inch from one edge and continue making slits along the length of the paper, leaving 1/2 inch between each slit. 

When the cutting is complete, unfold the paper and glue the short edges together to form a cylinder - see image above (The folded edge will point outward in the middle.) Note that the cut strips will make the folded edge "fan" out to look like a Chinese lantern. Finish the lanterns by gluing a paper handle to the top of each one. Hang and enjoy!


 Bamboozle Panda Bamboozle Panda Karate

Each child can stuff their own Panda bear!  This can be a 45 min. party activity plus their take home favor all in one!  After the child stuffs his own Panda, he completes the birth certificate that is included.  Visit for more information.  You can evev add a karate outfit from




Mastering the Art of Using Chopsticks

One of the fun ideas was to practice mastering the tricky art of using chopsticks. Use gummy bears and Fruit Loops as beginner foods. The gummy bears will be easy to grasp and if that proves still too difficult, the Fruit Loops could be speared right in the middle.


Face Painting

Face painting is another fun idea that kids enjoy. Tempera paints wash off relatively easily and pandas are really just a series of circles, but it's a good idea to practice on a piece of paper before committing panda art to skin.


Kung Fu Treasure Hunt

Create a Kung Fu Panda treasure hunt. Use panda bear paw prints as clues. This can be done for an indoor party or an outdoor party. For older children, include jokes and even trivia questions about pandas.

Pin-the Ears on the Panda

Transfer a picture of a panda onto posterboard leaving the ears off.  Cut ears from black construction paper for guests to use.


Planted Lucky Bamboo Plants
Purchase a bunch of Bamboo plants, some stones or glass marbles, and some take out Chinese food containers.  Have kids decorate the containers,  fill it with stones or marbles, and then "plant" their Lucky Bamboo plant as a party favor or keepsake.

Panda Bear Masks
Use one large paper plate for the face, and then pre-cut small black circles of paper for the ears. Provide a red crayon for the mouth and more black and white circles for the eyes.  Use a hole punch to create holes in the sides of each plate and provide string. Make sure that nose holes are cut. These are more for decorative purposes than for long-term wearability.


Kung Fu Relay Race
Every good martial artist must me agile and fast!  Provide one over-sized GI (uniform), belt and maybe another piece of gear for each team. The players take turns putting the GI on, then go through an obstacle course - jumping, rolling etc. , run back to their team, remove the GI and the next player takes a turn. The first team to complete the race wins. You can play this game without the GI as well. By simply having the kids go through an agility obstacle course using tires, boards to walk across, small trampolines, yoga mats of tumbling etc.

Breaking Boards
Although only skilled Kung Fu artists can actually break boards, using balsa wood will make this possible for young children.  Arrange a board breaking contest with very thin balsa wood boards.  One or two adults should hold the board that the child will be breaking.  Don't forget to kia...The kia is a loud yell that is shouted at the same moment a strike is executed, or in this case the board is broken.  Cut plenty of boards, because the kids will want to take several turns.

How High?
Have a kicking contest, where the kids compete for the highest kick.

Sword Skills
Make or purchase kid-friendly foam or cardboard swords. Each child will get a sword and a balloon. The object of the game is to keep the balloon from hitting the ground without using hands - swords only.  Play the movie soundtrack while the children play.

A Special Guest
Hire an advanced teen-age or adult martial arts student to come and give a demonstration. Teenagers love the extra cash. 

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Pages - These are always great for the kids to do until all the guests have arrived or when they are all waiting to be picked up.

Po Coloring Page- Print a picture of the famous Kung Fu Panda himself, Po, here:

Master Crane Coloring Page-

Master Mantis Coloring Page

Master Monkey Coloring Page-

Master Tigress Coloring Page-

Master Shifu Coloring Page -

Master Viper Coloring Page

Tai Lung Coloring Page

Kung Fu Panda Printables: Group Shots

Group Shot with Po

Group Shot without Po -




  Bamboozle Panda Bamboozle Panda Karate

Each child can stuff their own Panda bear!  This can be a 45 min. party activity plus their take home favor all in one!  After the child stuffs his own Panda, he completes the birth certificate that is included.  Visit for more information.  You can evev add a karate outfit from



Karate Female Blonde - Click Image to Close It's Not Just For Christmas Anymore
Visit to see our assortment of Karate ornaments.  These are great to give as party favors or to the birthday child.



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